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Research Integrity and Safety

Saint Louis University has multiple committees charged with ensuring the safety and integrity of research performed at the University. SLU’s research compliance committees help maintain effective compliance with University policy and regulatory requirements.

If you have questions about particular policies and guidelines, please contact the appropriate committee.

Human Subjects Research (IRB)

Research involving human subjects requires review and approval by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). An IRB is an ethics committee composed of scientists and non-scientists who serve as advocates for human subjects in research. The IRB is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and overseeing human subjects research conducted at SLU.

At SLU, there are three IRBs, two that meet routinely, one ad hoc, that are responsible for reviewing all research involving human subjects for compliance with federally mandated research guidelines.

Visit the IRB Website

Non-Human Animal Studies (IACUC)

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees non-human animal research and ensures the health and safety of animal subjects as well as that of the humans who work with them. 

Visit the IACUC Website

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) oversees policies and best practices for managing environmental, health and safety within the SLU community.

EHS ensures compliance with complex regulations and assures the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. EHS provides resources on basic fire and life safety, general workplace safety, biological safety, chemicals safety, radiation safety, and hazardous materials removal and disposal.

Visit the EHS Website

Financial Conflict of Interest (COIRC)

SLU's Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (COIRC) supports compliance with federal regulations. This policy impacts all individuals involved in the design, conduct or reporting of research regardless of the funding source. If a conflicting situation arises that requires management, the COIRC will work in cooperation with the individual to develop and implement an appropriate management plan. 

Visit the COIRC Website

Export Controls

SLU is responsible for complying with the Department of Commerce and Department of State when research technologies or innovations are of interest to national security, foreign policy and economics. U.S. regulations around export controls can greatly impact research and the potential for collaborations. Visit the University’s General Counsel website to learn more.

You can also contact  Michael Reeves, export controls officer, at