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Research Innovation Group

The Research Innovation Group (RIG) manages the intellectual property portfolio and industry contracting activities for Saint Louis University.

RIG’s mission is to increase the adoption and dissemination of SLU research discoveries and intellectual properties and to leverage SLU research and innovation assets to benefit the community. Our goal is to become exceptional at technology transfer and industry engagement as well as a partner of choice for research and intellectual property commercialization.

RIG’s main office is located in CIC@4240 in the heart of the Cortex Innovation Community to better connect with industry and integrate SLU within the region’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. The Cortex Innovation Community was founded in 2002 through a collaboration among SLU, Washington University in Saint Louis, University of Missouri – St. Louis, BJC Healthcare, and the Missouri Botanical Garden. It is the Midwest’s premier innovation hub for research, development, and commercialization in biosciences and technology. Cortex anchors the St. Louis region’s growing innovation ecosystem for startups and established companies.

For SLU Students

The Research Innovation Group at Saint Louis University offers support and encouragement to student entrepreneurship, innovation, and research excellence in a variety of ways. All current students are very welcome to contact us if you have any questions.


MEDLaunch is a non-profit biomedical and entrepreneurship incubator partnering with Saint Louis University and other organizations in the Saint Louis area. The goal of MedLaunch is to improve the standard of healthcare through the engineering and design of creative solutions while also fostering a community of entrepreneurship and collaboration at Saint Louis University.

Visit the MedLaunch Website

For Community Stakeholders

The Research Innovation Group at Saint Louis University is committed to leveraging our research and innovation assets for the benefit of our community. We strive to generate real impact in tackling social and scientific challenges facing our society through partnerships and programs.

The September 2017 Reinventing Research Commercialization Conference

The Research Innovation Group is committed to developing and implementing new approaches to technology transfer. It knows these will be needed to bring transformative discoveries resulting from university research more quickly and effectively to market. To this end, in September 2017, the Research Innovation Group brought together national leaders in technology transfer, regional innovators, entrepreneurs, business managers and advisors at the "Reinventing Research Commercialization Conference" to participate in this reinvention process.

The presentations from this conference are available below.

Search Intellectual Property Portfolio

Use the directory below to browse and search our intellectual property portfolio to identify technologies that may be of interest to you.

ID Intellectual Property Type
ID Intellectual Property Type
00-000 Diagnostic method for biomarkers of adverse coronary events Diagnostic
04-015 Method for detecting lysosomal storage diseases Diagnostic
07-017 Novel products of myeloperoxidase useful in assessing cardiac health Diagnostic
10-017 Biolayer interferometry measurement of biological targets Diagnostic
10-024 Sickle confirm modified hemoglobin solubility test Diagnostic
11-012 Neuronal biosensor to detect environmental toxins Diagnostic
12-019 Method to measure hemoglobin F (HbF) in blood Diagnostic
14-001 Biomarkers for mandibular size Diagnostic
14-017 Methods for treating endometriosis-related infertility Diagnostic
15-005 Diagnostic biomarkers for leukocyte-mediated disease and halogen gas exposure Diagnostic
15-024 Antibodies recognizing phosphorylation at TDP-43 Diagnostic
00-000 Diagnostic method for biomarkers of adverse coronary events Diagnostic
05-009 Drug delivery from electroactive molecularly imprinted polymer Drug Delivery
10-012 Methods and compositions for decomposition of biomass Industrial Applications
10-016 Passivated metal nanoparticles having an epoxide-based oligomer coating Industrial Applications
10-023 Organelle bioelectrodes and methods of making Industrial Applications
13-014 Microfluidic device systems Industrial Applications
04-001 Intramedullary nail device and method for repairing long bone Medical Devices
05-016 Dental repair material Medical Devices
07-023 Method and apparatus for sutureless injectable retinal detachment sponge implantation Medical Devices
10-011 Method for controlling phase transformation temperature in metal alloy of a device Medical Devices
10-014 Distractor Medical Devices
10-015 Finger mouse input device for use in operating rooms Medical Devices
10-022 Method and apparatus for delivery into the fetal trachea Medical Devices
10-037 Locking screw device Medical Devices
11-033 Electrode clamp for skull burr hole Medical Devices
12-006 Foreign Body Location and Retrieval Device Medical Devices
13-016 Honey and growth factor eluting scaffold for tissue engineering Medical Devices
14-013 Polyethylene glycol microsphers fabricated through electrospraying Medical Devices
15-008 Novel Trypanosoma Cruzi vaccine targets Medical Devices
15-011 Pediatric oral airway for fiberoptic intubation Medical Devices
15-026 Honey-eluting cryogel for tissue engineering Medical Devices
15-027 Silk fibroin cryogel Medical Devices
15-033 Disposable circumcision clamp Medical Devices
98-002 Mouse model for hemochromatosis wherein the HFE gene has been disrupted Research Tools
98-008 C22: a conditionally immortalized mouse Clara cell line Research Tools
98-013 Human NK 3.3 cell line Research Tools
02-006 MPS IVa (Morquio A) mouse with point mutation and tolerant of human GALNS Research Tools
05-008 Method of screening for a drug candidate that increases ATP release from RBCs stimulated via the Gs or Gi pathway Research Tools
06-020 Compositions and methods for amplification and cloning of near full-length vial genome samples Research Tools
07-004 Method for improving chemiluminescent signal Research Tools
07-006 Screening tool for antiviral agents Research Tools
07-020 Sequence covariance networks Research Tools
10-008 Animal model for Parkinson's disease Research Tools
10-019 Language proficiency examination Research Tools
10-025 Network threading approach for predicting a patient's response to hepatitis C virus therapy Research Tools
11-004 Electronic research collaboration systems and methods Research Tools
11-010 PiZ transgenic mouse model Research Tools
11-018 Plasmid expressing human carbonic anhydrase IV (pMCSG7-hCaIV plasmid) Research Tools
12-012 Methods for determining C-peptide receptor Research Tools
15-010 Method for Template-dependent Multiple Displacement Amplification (TdMDA) Research Tools
15-012 Custom multi-well plate design for hydrogels Research Tools
15-032 Novel carbon nanotube transfer method Research Tools
16-006 Integration of three-dimensional cell culture scaffolds in microfluidic devices by direct electrospinning Research Tools
98-003 Temperature-sensitive and cold-adapted human parainfluenza virus type 2 (HPIV-2) and vaccines based on such virus Therapeutics
99-009 Novel Snf2-based transcriptional co-activator for CREB binding protein (CBP) Therapeutics
99-018 Animal feed containing polypeptides Therapeutics
00-011 Factor IXa: Factor VIIIa interaction and methods therefore Therapeutics
01-002 Proteins with an attached short peptide of acidic amino acids Therapeutics
03-013 Method of manufacturing a stellate cell death factor Therapeutics
03-019 Methods and compositions for vaccination Therapeutics
06-002 Polypeptide fragment of constitutive coactivator of PPARgamma Therapeutics
06-013 Chimeral polypeptide composition for cross-placenta delivery Therapeutics
06-030 Methods and compositions for activated Protein C mutant with reduced anticoagulant properties Therapeutics
06-047 Compositions and methods for treating immune system mediated diseases Therapeutics
10-006 Method and composition for the management of cardiovascular disease with oligonucleotides Therapeutics
10-007 Delivery of therapeutic agents to the bone Therapeutics
10-010 Virus-expressing host costimulation molecules Therapeutics
10-018 Peptides for inducing heterosubtypic influenza T cell responses Therapeutics
10-021 Method of treating chronic pain Therapeutics
10-032 Expression of anticoagulant thrombin mutants in Escherichia coli Therapeutics
10-036 Prenatal enzyme replacement therapy Therapeutics
10-038 Compositions and methods of treating disease by stimulating ATP release by red blood cells Therapeutics
11-002 Use of adenosine A3 receptor agonists for treatment of neuropathic pain Therapeutics
11-008 Compositions/therapy targeting neuromuscular junction Therapeutics
11-015 Adenovirus E1A fragments for use in anti-cancer therapies Therapeutics
11-017 Methods for treating inflammation Therapeutics
11-027 Use of indomethacin-based drugs to treat Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Therapeutics
11-031.1 Auto-activation of trypsin-like proteases Therapeutics
12-002 Determination of immunogenic peptides in lysosomal enzymes and induction of oral tolerance Therapeutics
12-013 Suppression of bone loss by introducing FOXP3+ CD8 T-cells Therapeutics
12-014 Aminohydantoin Compounds as Antimalarial Agents Therapeutics
13-023 Method for reducing incidence of fibrosis caused by peritoneal dialysis Therapeutics
14-002 Antibody-based therapeutics for the treatment of diabetes complications Therapeutics
14-011 Low does RANKL therapy for treating bone loss in osteoporosis Therapeutics
14-018 SALL1 tumor suppressor Therapeutics
15-006 Reduced immonogenic protein for lysosomal storage disorders and enzyme replacement therapy Therapeutics
15-015 MCPIP1 tumor suppressor Therapeutics
15-016 Hydroxylated Tropolone inhibitors for Herpes virus Therapeutics
15-029 Miglustat for improving bone density Therapeutics
16-001 Inhibition of Cryptococcus Neoformans by antagonists of the nucleotide transferase superfamily Therapeutics
16-001.1 Inhibition of Cryptococcus Neoformans by antagonists of the nucleotide transferase superfamily Therapeutics